• Want us to be one of your stockists? We are always looking for cool brands that fit our boutique style. Send us a line sheet or samples!
  • Are you an influencer, boho babe, surfer extraordinaire, yoga or cycle star, artists, vegan Instagram sensation or *fill in the blank*? We are looking for you!! We are looking for amazing inspired creatives who spread good vibes in style around the world and want to collaborate. 
  • If you are interested in AMIHAN brand clothing and products for retail we would love to partner with online and brick and mortar shops. We are also the only authorized representatives for G Stuff products in North America, so please email us with inquiries on that product line as well.
  • Want to work with us and have something amazing to offer we haven't listed here? Tell us!

If you are any of the above email or use the form below.

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