Dayea Belt by AMIHAN

Dayea Belt by AMIHAN


Do you know where it’s at? Pom poms are were it’s f’n at so get it on the trend with our Dayea Belt. This silhouette perfecting wide obi-style pom pom belt is handmade and brings vibrance and fun to any outfit. Worn high or low waisted these belts have a magic way of making you look sleeker and slimmer which is why we named from an ancient Filipino archipelago Goddess of Secrets! 

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We drove through one of the most notoriously dangerous roadways in Southeast Asia to source these belts in the Mountain Province of the Philippines. The Ifugao have worn and made these belts since before the arrival of Magellan and Spanish conquest. Your purchase benefits these local Ifuago artisans.

Our stylists love this belt with looser cut mini, maxi, and midi dresses. Fits size 23 to 34 waist sizes.